Who We Are?

The Brief Bulletin is a politically, financially, editorially independent digital journalism initiative that stands for objective, non-partisan journalism with the motive to inform and empower the people. It strives to put forth incisive insights, authoritative analysis, independent editorials on past events, current issues and progressive trends.

In a world of quick bites, there is a little scope for lengthy news articles with technical jargons and in the face of a disturbing trend of merely glancing at the headlines and not reading the full report, there is a demand for simple and brief news content. The Brief Bulletin fills this lacuna by bringing to the citizens simplified news in brief for effective assimilation with the goal to proffer maximum amount of value in the minimum amout of time.

We aim to be a platform that revives professional standards of ethical journalism, revolutionises the way news is delivered and gives people a voice by accepting and publishing their articles, pictures and other submissions.